Introducing Shop at Home

We strive to offer high quality, value and on trend products direct to your door

Who are Shop at Home

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The Shop at Home retail group has been selling products online for over a decade, across multiple categories. Starting out in the technology sector with great success, Shop at Home soon began exploring other areas of business such as home and garden wares and refurbished technology.

We sell thousands of products through our Amazon Prime-certified store. If you’re a seller, you can partner with us and sell via our store, opening up your products to the power of the Amazon marketplace.

Shop at Home can also help you tap into eBay. We offer bespoke listing template designs to match your brand, and can optimise product listings for the best possible exposure and return on your investment.

We’ve also branched out into warehouse fulfillment services, which is now being offered as a complete service via Virtual Logistics – another company partnered with Shop at Home.

Shop at Home

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